Job Application: “No Response”

Career Coaching: Job Application: Did you spend a year firing off job applications? Did you spend a year getting no response? I have a theory about why that might be if you’re interested. My question to you would be this: Did you feel any sense of conflict within yourself about the role when you filled in the form? Did you struggle to really care about the role? Did you find you were copying and pasting your personal statement from one application to the next? Did you fill in some of those applications in fear of never finding to find the next role or of ever being able to quit where you are…?

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Well, firstly you wouldn’t be unusual in any of those that. The longer it takes to find “The Thing”, the more fearful and scattergun we can become. The bad news regarding this situation is that whatever it is that you are experiencing will totally show up in your words. Whether the person receiving your application is conscious of this or not, on one level or another, that will not only be getting your ‘keen self’, they will also be ‘getting’ all the other layers of emotion you are experiencing …

Career Coaching: Job Application: No Response

How do I know this? Ok, answer me this: Have you ever received a text from a friend and thought ‘oh shit what have I done wrong?’. Have you ever checked that out with the sender, only to find out that you’d done anything wrong at all. What you had discovered is that there has been ‘something up’ in the sender’s life after all? Yep! Me too. That’s where you, I, we, have picked up on energy, egotistically decided ‘it’s all about us’, but we picked up energy nevertheless. There IS something there…
So a job application is exactly the same. A text, An email, A website, All these “zeros and ones”, they reflect rightly and accurately, EXACTLY where we are… Does that make you feel at all transparent? If you have had a year of working hard and getting nowhere, maybe it’s important to take the time to reflect and refocus. Ploughing on blindly might no longer be working. Time to ask yourself some searching questions instead.
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Are the roles you are applying for aligned with your purpose, or are they at the very least a step along the way? Are your values being honored? Will the environment nourish you? Are you really owning your full spectrum of skills and capabilities, or are there some old beliefs getting on your way?
The truth is that there’s no ‘blagging it’ even with the must ‘unaware’ hiring organisation. On one level or another, the recipient of your application will note incongruity or fear. Take the time to regroup and realign. Apply only for roles that you really care for and your chances of a response, an interview, or even your new role will be increased one hundred fold.
Gift Yourself the time to Find congruence – I dare you! 

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