Career Coaching: Perfection. Do you doubt you can ever find your perfect career or business enterprise? I did too and yet, here I am, about to enter phase two.

I spent years in the wilderness of what I believed was a career disaster. I have just spent the last seven years adoring being a Daemon. Now, I’m embarking on my next divine escapade… Am I bring smug? Actually, I’m being delighted! I cannot believe my luck! And, do you know what, now I know that I had to create the space for that luck to enter my life. That was a risk, it was scary, I’d been raised to “do” and “prove” and ‘evidence’ and “demonstrate” my success.
This was a different way… I had to wait, and pause, and receive and be Yin. I had to be patient and wait. I had to stand back and allow this thing to emerge. That was deeply uncomfortable and seemed to have no guarantees.

Career Coaching: Perfection.

That, that waiting was harder than any actual hands-on graft I have ever done. I was used to using the sheer will to create. Now I had to risk relying on trust and faith and hope and dreams. It was not an easy please to be…
However. it paid off last time, so I am choosing to believe that it will pay off this time too. I will reflect and keep showing up to feed and nourish this project. I will keep asking questions and being curious. I will continue to show up and meet with people to see who else is aligned with this enterprise. I will take that risk because, when I spent my time going from A to B, I kept failing over and over. When I learned to receive, I was given perfection … taking a little time seems a small price to pay for perfection.
Wanna know how to do it?

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