Tackling Procrastination

Career Coaching: Procrastination: Can you turn your hand to anything? Do you have a head full of awesome ideas but often fail to realise them? Are you left beating yourself up and wondering how to generate a secure income? Well? I have news for you. You are probably, paradoxically, A ‘Completer-Finisher’ in Belbin’s Team Roles. I bet that wasn’t what you expected to read?

“The anxiety that drives the Completer Finisher can also work to their detriment, leading them to commit to an unmanageable workload”

That often shows up as a level of perfectionism that can be as prohibitive to starting as it is to finish a project. Procrastination and fear lead to corroded confidence as your ideas don’t make manifest. It can also feed a growing sense of despair as you wonder if your skills are up to any job at all… If you recognise this then I might be able to help you.

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Getting started on a project? My guidance is to quit being “Heady” about it. Stop Thinking and Start Doing. Once you are hands-on you will make it work.

Career Coaching: Procrastination

It might be used to identify your team, who can hold you gently accountable and compliment you in the way you work best. Combine with The Shaper or The Plant role, as project managers and ideas people usually need someone to help with the finer details.
Also, educate those around you. You may need ‘quiet’ space in order to focus in order to achieve high standards. It may also be useful to educate those around you at which point and how it is best for them to intervene with any obsessive perfectionism that’s playing out… I’m guessing that anyone who strides in telling you to ‘give it up now’ might trigger frustration and hurt, tell them how you would like it to be done instead.
So there are my thoughts on Perfectionism, procrastination and navigating a clear pathway to producing good work for A Completer Finisher.
Just Start: I Dare You! 

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