Career Coaching: The Reality!

Career Coaching: Reality! Whatever job, role or passion you choose to follow, there will always be bits of it you do not like…I have created my dream job: people pay me for the privilege of listening to their stories, of reflecting back their brilliance’s and to enable them. To unpick whatever is getting in their way of being their best selves…. what could be better than that???? Not much in my opinion. And, in order to make this possible, I have to do The Mundane jobs too… I am sitting here doing my finances… Such a task does not fill me with joy.

Career Coaching: Reality 

So we have choices. We don’t have a Choice about whether the mundane tasks get done. No business, no job, no passion is sustainable without attending to them.
The choices are two-fold:
Firstly it’s about balance. In order to tolerate the tasks that must be done, there needs to be a REALLY good balance with those that you love doing. Doing mundane tasks on a mundane job and this won’t last long. This mundanity will first impact your mood, secondly, impact your temper, thirdly it will impact either your emotional or physical wellbeing. Hopefully, we can skip number four… the place where you become murderous with boredom!!!
My guidance would be a 2-1 rule: yes the figures must be done and the paperwork filed, but if that can be held in check with the tasks and interactions that leave you feeling passionate and engaged with your work, then you will Be fed by it and the job will give you way more then money
If that two-one balance is not there then there are options. If you hate the whole thing you will need another job. We cannot be in work that we hate for a third of our lives without harming yourself on some level. It’s time to sort out your exit strategy.

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If you find it’s” evens”: 1-1 enjoyment to mundane then it is sustainable but only just. My guess is the paycheck cones above all else in the benefits? This is where there needs to be tweaks and nudges. What tweaks and nudges will depend upon you and your role. If you are self-employed then it’s really worth shipping some of the mundane tasks out to trust people who adore them. I know people who love doing the figures and getting the whole spreadsheet to talks. It might feel like a risk to take. To pay someone to do that our od your turnover. However, it might just be worth it in order to grow the good bits of your role? Then you can be your best self at work.
“It’s amazing what the right small tweaks and nudges can do the quality of your professional day…”
If someone else is in charge of your job spec it might feel impossible to change it. That’s not a truth. What you will need to do is get your marketing-head on in order to explain the benefits to your boss of passing that not I’d work that you hate (to an individual who takes pleasure that task), therefore freeing yourself up to be your best self in order that their businesses flourish. Work out what you like, work out what you don’t. Identify where SOME of these mundane tasks can go. You’ll never get rid is all of them but if you do the work on behalf of your boss or CEO, and solve the problem for them, then you have a much better chance of shifting some of the bits that are wearing you to you.
It’s amazing what the small tweaks and nudges can do the quality of your professional day. If you can drop that dull bit and pick up an exciting bit than you can show what you can really do, and this will bolster your confidence
Ask For What YOU Want: I Dare You!

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