Retiring…..? Now What????

Career coaching: Retirement: Those of you who are more sensible than me (and make the appropriate provision) might well have the opportunity to take retirement much earlier than the mandatory 60-odd years. I’m sure that will be a relief on some levels, gaining you both financial and time freedoms you’ve never had before. I guess it might also elicit the question ‘what next?’. You see, work ticks so many more boxes than just ‘income’. Work is part of our identity, part of belonging and of intellectual stimulation. This is your chance to choose exactly how the next bit will look. All humans need people, to know they can make an impact, and to feel that they matter.

Take a little look at Daniel Pink talking about his book “Drive” if you want to see what I mean.
Retiring early, having freedom, having your physical health and all your marbles, how does will that coming 3 or 4 decades look for you? What will you contribute and what will you need. Where will you want to be and who with? How can you use all those years of expertise and experience? Who will you be in the world and what can you bring to it?

Career Coaching: Retirement

I watched my parents retire very early. I watched them travel around the world. They met amazing people and did incredible things. As time passed they began to need more from there lives and to contribute more to life too. They did second degrees, started charities, stepped into local politics, belonged to communities both here and on the continent.

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They still had time to travel (yes, my mom did fall in the sea in Antarctica and get lost in the outback in Australia). What they also both did was share their life skills generously with those who needed them. Why? Because I guess no retired couple is an island. Because all humans need people, to know they can make an impact, and to feel that they matter. All of those things led the two of them in to show up and help others in a multitude of ways. What they were able to do, with their new freedom, is to design it their way.
If you’ve worked hard. If you’ve made good financial provision for the rest of your life. Now it’s time to choose how you are going to use the time.
Make Your Choices: I Dare You 

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