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Career Coaching: Roles.  Are You A Plant? I bet you never thought you’d be asking that! If you are a plant it might have real significance for your professional development. When I say ‘Plant’ I am not referring to an aspidistra. When I say plant I am referring to one of the Belbin Team Roles.

The Plant is an important member of the team as these are the problem solvers. Plant types can see what is not working. Plant types can work out how things can work better. Plant types are essential for the efficiency and success of any endeavour. What these people are particularly good at is taking a solution from one sector and tailoring it to solve a problem in another.
There are two downsides to being a strong Plant: Firstly these types are often on the introverted scale. This means that it can be difficult to voice solutions in public meetings. Exacerbated by the fear that the solution they offer may seem a little leftfield to others in the team, these solutions may never get shared. Secondly, it is infuriating to a plant to be in an environment where they are not heard. It is difficult enough to name the problem and share the solution publically, without being unheard when you have done so!

Career Coaching: Roles

These individuals are creative, innovative and quite brilliant. The flip side is that you may find that you struggle in traditional work environments. If you feel you are often met with the words ‘we have always done it like that”, and your response feels like it might come out in an irrationally loud shout of “but it doesn’t Fxxking work!”, then too might just be one of these plant types.
Believe me when I say that some people can simply go to work. Do the minimum and go home again. They really do manage to not care about inefficiency! Genuinely, this is a thing!
If you do care and your solutions are not well received, it might be time to seek a new role, team or sector. One where your creativity is welcomed and your contribution heard and valued. Apparently, fury in the office is just not welcome, even if it is justified….!
Just sayin…

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