Career Coaching: Skills

Career Coaching: skills: What do you consider your skills to be? 
Often we don’t notice we have them at all. Either we find something ‘easy’ or we can’t do it at all. Where then is the yield or the gain in that for us?
If we do not know what we truly have then how on earth can we gift it to the world?  Here’s one of my favourite ways of traumatising my clients:

Make a list of 40 of your skills, 40 of your personal attributes and 40 words of your knowledge. Try to self-generate as many of these 120 words yourself. That way you will have already started to own them. If you get stuck, you may confer. But only with someone who holds you in good heart and whom you respect. That way you’ll me more able to hear the things that they say to you, about you.

Then, get someone to read three lists back to you. Really quiet yourself and let yourself receive. Non-judgement is really important here. When you have heard them all. Breathe them in.

Then gently be curious about this human you have just heard described. What is it about those skills, personal attributes and that knowledge that brings you to a career coaching blog? Which of those would you like more of, which can now fall away? Which need more exploration. Which feel intrinsic to your next professional move?

Career Coaching: Skills

Only by knowing what you have, what you use and what lies dormant that you wish to emphasise, can you really choose what to contribute to next.
Never underestimate what you already have, before you seek ‘more’. 99.99% of skills are transferable. Career progression is often about reconfigurations of those things we already own, as opposed to starting back at square one.

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