Work Triggers

Career Coaching Triggers: Are you getting triggered at work? Do you want to take your power back? The only way I know to do this is to ‘own it’. And how can you do that? Try asking yourself this question:

“What belief am I holding about myself that means that I am getting triggered by this person or situation’
How do you get to the answer? You could sit with it, you could put your hand on your belly or your heart and ask for your own guidance on it, you could walk with it, you could journal it. You can even sleep on it…
The important thing is never to force it. You DO know the answer, you just have to wait for it to come.
When you get it, and you will know when you’ve got it. Take the time to examine it. Turn the belief over and see how you respond to it? Is it reasonable? Do you want it? Does it serve you? Who gave it to you? And that would you like to believe instead?
In order to uphold this chosen belief what’s the first action, you need to take to preserve it…

Career Coaching Triggers

I did discovered a whole set of bizarre beliefs I was holding about myself that, as I had been gifted the by authority figures when I was small, by parents, by teachers, by society, I understood to be perfectly reasonable…. looking at them gently, but in the calm light of adulthood, I can see how holding onto them was triggering me into irrational and ineffective behaviours…
Looking at them from this perspective, I can see them for what they are… but… for four decades I have held them as ‘truth’, and, been triggered by them over and over again…

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Time to set these down me thinks…There’s more guidance on working with Beliefs here at Bashar if you’re interested.
Take your power back: I dare you! 

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