Career Coaching: Trust. It takes time to make a really ambitious plan manifest. I had a client show up here for a mentoring session saying “I was wondering whether to come as I haven’t become a filmmaker yet”. Film-maker being the intention of his five-year plan and it only being 6 months since we have finalised our career coaching journey, it seemed unlikely that he would have. I could not help but laugh… And, also feel proud that he too had seen the paradox in the statement. Ducking his career coach would probably lessen his chances of becoming a filmmaker.

And, what I do notice when I check in with a client with whom I have worked previously, is just how much we all dismiss what we HAVE achieved. Sure, in 6 months we might not have achieved our five-year goal, and why would we have?! What we have inevitably done is begin to plant the seeds that will lead us there…
With the brain’s natural negativity bias; we are always on the lookout for dangers, problems, and things that remain undone. What we need to be doing in equal measure is reflecting on what we have sown, established, started. We need to reflect on and affirm ourselves for, those people we have met and the baby steps that we have taken in the right direction.

Career Coaching: Trust

In reality, it’s not going to be the 10.000 Instagram followers that will get you to your end goal. What will help you on your way is calling that woman that you began a conversation with at that party, the one who could open a door for you as there is an alignment in the way you both work. It will be a series of small and perhaps frightening steps that you need to keep taking. It takes courage to take those small steps.
So, Take time to reflect on what you have done. Reflect on what did work and congratulate yourself on it. Then. When you have found what did work. Do more of that thing. You’ll be making your dreams manifest before you know it. Reflect and affirm yourself for the things you have achieved!
Then, do more of that! I dare you

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