Doing what you want makes you feel good!

It might seem ridiculous that I need to even write those words but I do feel I want to. Over and over again I hear career coaching clients dismiss doing what they love as ‘an indulgence’, ‘a hobby’ or ‘just a pastime’. They rarely categorise these brilliances as the thing that can earn them a good living!

And it takes me by surprise every time, when i see a talented and skilled individual sitting opposite me, voicing such opinions of themselves.
And both client and I need to hold in mind that we are all subject to the conditioning of our schooling, our families, our friends and our societies. We are akin to onions, with layers of others agenda’s wrapping up the true centre of ourselves.
Sometimes we do not know these layers are even there. Often we have an inkling there is something authentic and unique lying below, but it is way more convenient to ignore that. It is frightening to suddenly begin to really listen to ourselves after a lifetime of listening to others. 
One of the challenges of doing what we really want is we are no longer in a position to blame others if it doesn’t work out. In reality ‘it’ usually does work out precisely because we ARE listening to ourselves. And the flip side is that we give ourselves the chance to work out just how powerful we are in our own lives. 
If we take decisions for ourselves and in our own best interests, we get to reap the rewards and nobody else can take the credit. Learning to view the world from our own unique perspective and really listening for our inner guidance almost guarantees success. And that is, in my experience, well worth the risk! 

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