Get Out Of Your Head

The bigger your decision, the more difficult it is to make: I don’t know if this applies to you, but, I identified a long time ago, that whilst my gut was telling me one thing, my head was usually telling me the opposite. Being fairly intelligent and well educated is rarely any asset in this situation. Then not only was I at odds with myself, but I could also use my own brain to argue myself both into and out of each and every point of view….
Thus begins an endless game of ping pong in my head that rarely has any winners……And do you know what? It’s exhausting !!!
A really talented colleague solved this conundrum for me only recently. She asked me “& what does your heart say” and suddenly I could feel what I wanted to do and my head and my gut were stilled……Follow your heart had always been some kind of theoretical or overly Romantic notion prior to this moment…..
Suddenly the lightbulb lit up and I realised that my own heart was physically as well as emotionally, my own internal compass.Now if somebody could kindly  remind me of this when I next face a quandary, I would be really grateful 

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