Hold The Line

Sustainable change requires a rigorous attitude. What I am noticing is that whilst it is can be easy to put a boundary in place in a professional environment, and sustain it, It is sometimes easier to abandon such a boundary in our personal lives.
Because we care, because we want to believe the best of our friends and loved ones, because it might bring a change in the dynamic of the friendship or relationship, it feels like it would be easier to surrender and return to the old ways. It feels like it’s very hard work in the short term. 
In the long term however, it is not only reward-full to hold the line, it is probably essential. The boundary would not have arisen had it not been necessary. Thus, the relationship is unlikely to survive without it. It may need to adjustment in the manner in which it is implemented, but, don’t be deceived into believing it’s unnecessary….. 
Hard as it is, trust in yourself and hold your line. With hindsight you will be able to measure the difference in the relationships you build, the self esteem you gain and the confidence you take out into all aspects of your world.
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