career coaching workaholic

Career Coaching: Workaholic 

Career Coaching: Workaholic. So,  how’s your ‘responsible workaholic”? Just asking because mine has been in full flow during the last 18 months…I have taken myself to the wall and beyond several times and now this needs to stop. And, my question was not an insult. The “Responsible Workaholic” is a personality type named in Karlah’s Process […]

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career coaching i cant help you

Career Coaching: I can’t help you.

Career Coaching: I can’t help you. The bad news is that wherever you are up to in your career, I cannot help you. What I can do is help you to help yourself. . I do not know the best way to dispose of your toxic boss. I do not know how you can go back two […]

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career coaching stressed

Career coaching: Stressed 

Career coaching: Stressed. Are you actually more stressed than you think you are? I realise this sounds like a daft question, but I had a wake-up call that went through to my core today. With the pandemic, decreasing budgets and the drive to deliver increasing in corporate, the pressure has really been on. . Having spent three […]

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Professional Development Plans

Professional Self-Flagellation!

Professional Development Plans: Sometimes pushing harder doesn’t get you any further than pausing, or even surrendering. Progress is enhanced by replenishing in the long run. Whilst I recognise I am stating the flipping obvious it doesn’t feel like a solution in my moments of frustration. I’m not very good at playing the long game. I […]

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Job Search Bristol

How to Find a Job in Bristol

Job Search Bristol: What’s different about a job search in Bristol? Bristol differs from anywhere else for me in that anything is possible within this city. I’m not saying you cannot carve out your own, unique career path in any other city, but, I know from experience that the if you want to do something with […]

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Professional Identity

Excellent Leadership Development

Leadership Development with Rebecca Hartnell My Leadership Development mentor tells me there are as many different leadership styles as there are different leaders. When leadership development is done well, this is exactly how it should be! Leadership development is about recognising the gifts that each and every person brings to the crucible. We all have […]

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employment definition

Employment Definition

Employment Definition: Believe it or not, there are as many definitions of employment as there are employers and employees. The important thing to focus on is, that in professional collaborations, you really understand each other’s definitions of the work involved. My husband has a saying (warning – swear alert): ” Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups”. […]

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business relationship

Strengthening Business Relationships 

Making Reparation can strengthen a business relationship. Whatever your industry sector or role, whatever your actual work involves, most of us need to relate to other humans. Wherever there are human relationships, there is always the possibility of misunderstanding by one or other of the people involved. Misunderstandings easily rupture an existing relationship. When I […]

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Bizarre Blog Alert

  Walking along with a colleague this morning, when her 6 month old became bored and aggravated, I handed her my keys to play with as they had caught her eye. Immediately my companion shrieked with laughter, exclaiming ‘you have an even bigger set of keys than me!!!!’ Looking at the small person holding them […]

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Professional Generosity

  One if the real perks of my job is the very real brilliance that fills the space we share as soon as a client enters the room. What he or she brings is their own wisdom and knowing. We then embark on a collaborative journey, pooling our resources in service of meeting the objectives […]

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