Leadership Coaching: Empowerment

Leadership Coaching: Empowerment. Breaking news! The top-down, “tell you what to do”, type of leadership is dead…
“ Leaders are people who hold themselves accountable for recognising the potential in people and ideas and developing that potential. “
Brené Brown 
If only that were 100% true! Working with a dynamic 35-year-old recently she voiced this “ in a decades time most of my problems with Leadership will be solved”. “Most of those 50 upwards guys, who are terrified to admit they don’t know everything and even more terrified of hearing the truth… they will have retired. Then we will be left with a much higher quota of emotional intelligence in our work cultures”

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And ain’t it true that some people in ‘authority’ really cannot tolerate being around those of us with our own  expertise and opinions.. Another piece of Leadership coaching work elicited this phrase “ I need to be hanging out with people who are playing a much bigger game than me… it’s motivating, inspiring and challenges my limiting beliefs”. How great a way of looking at the world is that!
Yep! It’s terrifying at times, but goodness it enables those stretches that mean we can be thy best that we can be. This way we unlock our potential…

Leadership Coaching: Empowerment

And that is also the point of “Team”… That we all have our respective talents; quirks and expertise. It is only when we pool those unique abilities that we become so much more than the sum of our parts. This is when we can really play to our strengths and not feel others will dilute us!
Play To Your Strengths and Encourage Others to Play to Theirs too – I Dare You! 

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