Removing The Leadership Mask

Leadership Coaching Guardian: True Guardianship involves Removing The Leadership Mask. There is a leadership style that is masked. It is a Leadership style that is top-down, infallible, closed, non-curious and definitely unapproachable. You may be familiar with this kind of leadership style. If you are anything like me then this Leadership style won’t bring out the best in you. In fact, being ordered about with no hint of empathy leaves me pretty resentful and thus ineffective.

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That kind of style is probably very useful in the trenches but it’s not going to elicit any major creative or major breakthroughs in business or team efficaciousness
So here my advice if you want the best out of those you lead. Be courageous enough to remover your leadership mask and thus to work for them. Be curious, listen to and really hear What it is they need and be in service of them. Pretending you know all the answers and the resultant ‘distance’ created because of course, you don’t…. is disastrous. Nobody knows better what your clients or service users need that the clients themselves and the people who work with then day In and day out. Ask, ask and ask again and then listen. Then, really honour the answers you receive. Whilst you might not be in a position to provide exactly the sought thing, at least the negotiation can begin …

Leadership Coaching Guardian

True Guardianship involves risking it, be vulnerable, be curious, be real, be fallible. Then, everyone can stop trying to be so bloody perfect and then the whole team is open to learning. This way success can be celebrated together and mistakes can be learned from. Quit punishing yourself and others for being imperfect- these are magical opportunities for growth, authenticity, and fun.
Fun at work? Who knew! Take off your mask – I dare you! 

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