Playing to Your Strengths

Leadership Coaching: Strengths. I often have to remind people whist diong this work, that the term ‘Leadership’ does not mean ‘doing it all yourself’. Leaders often earn their roles by being competent in a multitude of their own facets and in other’s environments. What you also probably being is passion for your chosen role, purpose and industry sector. What you are not is bulletproof.

If like me you do not suffer fools gladly and also suffer with a little bit of impatience, then, it is WAY too easy to just do it yourself. This is not a sustainable way. If you are leading change then you need to use your team.

How? Well, to use everyone effectively you will need to get a measure of everyone’s strengths, including your own. The best metric I know for this is to use Belbin‘s team roles. This can be used as a starting place. It will help you to begin to see how everyone fits into place. Find Belbin Here.

Most leaders show up in every box. However, just because you CAN do it all, doesn’t mean that they ‘should’. This is not a sustainable way of operating either and will put your project, passion or purpose at risk in the long run. Use the Belbin metric to identify what you are ‘weakest’  in, then find someone in the team that scores highly at that thing. Put them in charge of that thing and then you can let it go. 

Leadership Coaching: Strengths

I know that I am not a completer/finisher. That doesn’t mean I can’t finish things. I do finish things all the time. I finish them however through gritted teeth and sheer tenacity. I finish them swiftly because I am impatient. How much better would it be to use the natural strengths of another team member, one who loves attention to detail and leaving things “just so”.?

Playing to our strengths seems suddenly really possible: I start things and make them happen, and you can bring them to a close with perfection. That’s just one example in a multitude of ways of trading to harness a multitude of individual’s strengths and vulnerabilities.

Of course I can stay late perfecting something, but who will make a beginning on the next thing if I do so?

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