Let’s Skip to the Good Bit!

Spending time with fellow coaches is really nourishing for me, both as a coach and as a human. I don’t meet with these colleagues in order to exclusively discuss techniques or my business, but, because we are inevitably as curious about the human condition we inevitably stray into the territory of exploring the intricacies of coaching interventions on our own lives and those of each other.
This is a privileged and generous time of the sharing of our experiences and strengths & wisdom. This time is differs from supervision or client work in that it is entirely equitable. We each bring ‘equal but different’ to this sphere. Within this time-protected bubble we get to explore at each other’s learning edges and deftly notice and suggest ‘the new’, are each invited to educate and to share, and to celebrate our individual achievements.
What I was noticing today in one such meeting is that despite our scenarios being entirely different, the common ground was that both of us have been engaging in repeating the same behaviour and expecting a different outcome….
We were both facing situations which has potentially negative outcomes, and despite our talents and experience as practitioners, we were both focusing right in on our fears. This adds such weight to our least wanted outcome 
Where our focus lies is where the energy sits is what we give power to. Therefore this is what comes true…. What we think, we say, what we say, we make manifest……
I am not talking about ignoring real Safeguarding for vulnerable clients here or avoiding doing a risk assessment on a project. This is not a pierce of guidance on ignoring real danger or and excuse to continue living in denial. This is a suggestion that once you have rigorously covered the above protocol, choose (and it is an active choice!), to err on the positive. 

If we assume that a positive outcome to out plot, project, business, or work is a given, then all our energy, thoughts, neural pathways, physicality, heart and soul line up and work towards this positive outcome. When we are all lined up, there is only one way to go and the universe meets us along the way….
Practise this choice. Rigorously practise choosing a positive assumption. Choose to have the real belief that a positive outcome is a given for you and it just might come true

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