We need to know we can make a difference. We need to know that the thoughts that we have and the actions we take can effect changes out in the world.  I notice this with my 4 year old, who if he cannot make himself heard or cannot explore and take choices, does literally withdraw. After all, what is the point in having desires and fascinations if they never ever come to fruition?

Grown ups are not so very different. If in work we see something could work better by another means, and we suggest it to our superiors, and nothing happens, then why would we bother to invest the time and effort to do so again if there is no improved outcome? Similarly, if we have a great business idea, make a play for it, and continuously sabotage ourselves, then why begin again.  Why would we challenge the status quo if there is no perceptible change having done so? Why would you not withdraw and ponder on your purpose!

So what can be done differently? Quit a job where input goes unheard? Get deep down and dirty to explore the triggers for the sabotaging behaviour? Both these things take a lot of courage…… But if you have tried and tried again, is the alternative of just putting up with it enough for you now?

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