You Know You Have a Good Mentor When……

You know you have a good mentor when….They pick right up on the bits of your business plan that you know you have been avoiding. It may make you flinch when the words are said…. But the flip-side is that you know, that ‘they’ know!

This is essential in the building of the trust that is the mentoring relationship. Mentor needs to notice blind spots, mentee needs to be open to the feedback…..This way the loopholes are addressed and closed, one by one, and the business plan becomes strong…..

Working together to close those loopholes is the very purpose of this collaboration. In this systematic way there is a supportive platform woven beneath proprietor, their skills and the business identity. This way lies profit and not loss…..How strong is your platform?


“Possible selves and career transition; it’s who you want to be, not what you want to do.” Plimmer and Schmidt 2007