A Business Question.

One of the points up for consideration at a meeting this week was ‘are you hanging out with the right people?’. I suspect that last time that question was asked of me I may well have been in my late teens, it may well is a been posed by my parents, and I may well have rather resentful…
So when it arose in a professional context I was surprised. And, the more I explored the question the more valuable I felt it to be. Taking my focus away from my client base or my personal world, I embarked on examining my peers, colleagues and associates. In this seeking I discovered a really rather wonderful thing. As I assessed (judged? Who cares!), those who surround me in business, I began to note just who is really on my side. I noticed who supports me, who hears me, who stretches me, and who challenges me when I am limiting my own progress. I could see who champions me when I take a risk and who is there when I’ve fallen on my face. I could see who’s honest with me and who nourishes me as I nourish them in return. I noticed that acquaintances past, who may have had a covert agenda, or been taking more than I was really willing to give, have all but faded away. 
Now I am surrounded by individuals who are unique and who are as curious about themselves and their world as I am. By people who also risk and succeed and with whom I get to celebrate their successes too. I have a business life that is increasingly rich in experiences, generosity and reciprocity. There is equality. There is the meeting of each other’s needs but also a really genuinely respectful and transparent ebb and flow of support given and received. 
Whilst the needs of each of us are always in flux, Openness is all. 
I’m interested to know if you’re ‘hanging out with the right people too’?

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