There is a notion that an individual needs to hit rock-bottom in order to reinvent themselves but I beg to differ. From my own experiences, and, those shared by people I have known & worked with, the evidence seems to suggest something different.

Firstly hitting rock bottom seems less about reinvention of the self and more akin to rising up again being more the authentic & unique person the individual was before the descent… But more so.

Secondly what I observe is there is rarely one single rock-bottom. It seems that as humans we are more like trampolinists….. The art lies not in learning to fly in order that we avoid the pull of gravity, but in accepting that gravity is inescapable. 

If it is thus then it is essential to invest our energies in ensuring that the platform we land upon is strong enough to take our weight. Ensuring it has the strength to propel us upwards once again…

So that’s the nourishing then. That’s the resourcing, the feeding, the support network and the good health. It’s nest egg we put aside over time and the friends, family and colleagues that support us. It is the CPD we have put in over the years, the coach or supervisor we have in our corner. It’s the skills we have gained and knowledge and trust that has grown over the years that means we trust that we can and we will come back from this…..This is resilience. This is the long term investment in our bounce-back-ability. Never underestimate this investment and never underestimate the lessons you will learn from true fall, once you are airborne once again…..

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“Possible selves and career transition; it’s who you want to be, not what you want to do.” Plimmer and Schmidt 2007