Business Coaching: Rigorous & Transformative

Business Coaching Job

I cannot think of a better job than that of a business coaching job. Why? Because of both the immediacy in the work and because of it’s visible impact.

All businesses face challenges. Some challenges you can foresee and attend to in advance. Some challenges feel like a total curveball. In these circumstance you have to face it right there and then. Be you are sole-trader, an SMO or a large enterprise, remember to pull your team close. No business entity is an island. No business entity should ever believe that they need to problems solve on their own.

Agility and Creativity

The immediacy lies in working with exactly what the client is bringing in the moment. Whatever I had planned for the session, whatever we had contracted to do this session at our last, we can drop all of that and get to dealing with the presenting problem or challenge. There is absolutely no point whatsoever in working with anything other what is ‘up’. This is what you need. This is what the bushiness needs. This is the place of agility and creativity. This is the edge where the work is robust and real, where it is courageous and transformative. This is exactly where we need to be to design the next steps your way.

business coaching job

Responsive and Thorough

The Impactful element of the business coaching job is that, in working with immediacy, the results will be seen swiftly after. Bring a quandary, pull out the threads, see the cause, identity the solution and implement the steps created. This process is the absolute antithesis of reactive. Reactive is where many a business disasters begin. This coaching process is responsive and thorough. It pools our respective experiences and strengths and it collaboratively builds the business strategy. This process is in-depth and rigorous. Nevertheless this process is swiftly impactful. If you are anything like me, and suffer you with a level of impatience, you will need it to be impactful and quick. Within this collaboration you will be able to easily identity your solutions and put them in place.

Impactful Solutions

This is the benefit of the business coaching relationship. Build this bond and then when the sh*t hits the fan, you have immediate access to a trusted resource. Invest in this business resource and you have access to immediate and impactful solutions. Thats the brilliance of this business coaching job.