Best-Fit Business Collaborations

Business coaching: Making the best match. Are you two a good fit? Have you ever had that feeling of relief when a potential business collaboration is turned down? These means that you knew all along that you weren’t a good fit. It also means that neither party could do anything amend that, and thus, it is best off being honoured.

Business Coaching: Making the best Match

In search of status or security, small businesses will often do far more than is good for them to ‘seal the deal”
We have a multitude of beliefs and expectations of ourselves and of the need for an outcome that might drive us a long way from our original purpose. We can very easily lose sight of the original business identity we have taken so long to carve out for ourselves
Sometimes it’s worth, very graciously, pulling right back

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They do say that one door needs to close before another can open. If you are piling huge amounts of energy, time and sheer ‘Will’ in trying to make something happen in one direction, then you may not be open to receiving what is being offered by the other …

Business Coaching: Making the best Match

sometimes it is really worth showing up and seeing just what happens. We are taught that doing-business means the active Yang energy that is making it happen. If you can set your intention and choose to be really aware of that which is in front of your very eyes… you might just notice that your real business opportunity has been there all along. Breathe and notice.
Only when there is a good business fit is there any point in even beginning to do the negotiating.
Risk Pausing and noticing  – I dare you

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