Are You Fulfilling Your Core Purpose

There is a deep connection between our Career and Core Purpose and our wellbeing. When we do work that is too removed from our core purpose than we become saddened.

There is often such a conflict between three things: The thing that we long to do. The thing will earn us enough money to keep the roof over our heads. Thirdly, the thing which is what we feel we ‘should’ be doing.

career and core purpose

I once heard someone describe this gap between what she was doing to earn a wage, and what her heart was asking of her as a “loss, a longing, a grief”, and, I see this grief over and over. The effect on individual’s confidence, as it is corroded by doing work that is the opposite of that which we are here to do, can be profound.

Honour Your Career and Core Purpose

I understand this sounds all spiritual or maybe even ‘irresponsible’, but sometimes we just have to break through those reservations and “dare to meet our hearts longings”, (q’ Oria Mountain Dreamer), merely in order to maintain our sanity.

“It is Always, ALWAYS worth the risk”

In reality, it is the courageous ones are those who refuse to keep engaging with work in any other way than that which serves them best. Yes, I know from experience that this decision is akin to stepping out over a precipice. There are no guarantees whatsoever of what we will find, but, what I can say, is that having witnessed this process over and over, the rewards and gifts on the other side of this transition are always, ALWAYS, worth the risk…..

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