How To Stand Up To Bullies At Work

Career Coach Charge: There is a lot to be said for being compassionate to colleagues and customers when behaviour is not top notch. We all have days where we make mistakes or misunderstood the instructions or things are kicking off at home and that leaks into our professional worlds.
“Never Judge a book by its cover”
Holds a lot of weight because we never truly know what lies beneath in another person’s life or professional history that still holds sway for them today … Equally, I am a fan of ” Not banging your head against a brick wall”.  Because it is our boundaries that are fundamental in keeping us safe and sane.
A career coach is often charged with the responsibility of enabling a client to decide when enough is enough in order that they can take a big step back. To keep doing the same thing again and again and expect a different outcome IS the definition of insanity, and yet, this is what we do.
Have you ever found yourself trapped in this kind of a situation with a colleague? One where you are on the receiving end of another’s behavior that is painful and disruptive to us and yet you don’t know what to do about it. Whether through your generosity or compassion, through lack of autonomy or assertiveness, or through sheer exhaustion and lack of creative response, you find yourself in the same situation over and over again…?

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Yep, I have too. and it is wearing, infuriating and gets right in the way of your professional mission.

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It can feel very risky to say what you really want in a lot of professional environments. Too much conflict is going to terrify any manager or ‘Head-Of’. My opinion, for what it is worth, is that is not a good enough reason to allow yourself to be repeatedly harmed or hurt, in any way. This is not good for you. That is not good for your work. Overall it is not good for any organisation to be tolerant of bad behavior. It takes huge amounts of energy to keep a lid on it. That energy could be spent furthering your career as well as increasing the profits of the organisation.
So, perhaps its time to consider it your responsibility to stand up to bad behaviour rather than to do so being an inconvenience to others?
Heres a little guidance on How To Stand Up To Workplace Bullies
Stand Up To Them: I Dare You! You Don’t Have To Do It Alone

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