Professional Bravery

Last Saturday, I immersed myself in 12 hours of personal development work (on my weekend!), and, at the end of it, I did not want to leave…

That’s a bold statement from a woman who works in personal development all week long. It is also a bold statement from a woman who has built a very good life, rich in love, in people and in experiences…And yet I could quite happily have stayed with Rosalind, Aoife and the whole ten of us that set off on that nourishing Journey To The Heart of Bravery. I would have been happy there for the whole weekend, or the whole month. That space was SO well held and nurturing.

To clarify, that did not mean that the work was easy. The work was rigorous and challenging, deep and hilarious simultaneously. What it did mean was that in amongst other brave women we could dive deep together. We could risk ourselves and we could champion either. We all got triggered at one point or other, we were given the tools with which to process those moments for ourselves.

Career Coaching: Bravery

Aided by fabulous weather we took our sustenance from the land at Boiling Wells in St Werburgh’s. We went off-grid. We withdrew from the cosmopolitan world of our city. We chose to share ourselves, our stories our hurts, our wisdom, and humour. We shared fires, sunshine, and gorgeous food. We made bold leaps together emboldened by each other’s goodwill and heart-filled belief in each other.

I have been telling myself “I struggle in groups” for a long time. On this day I struggled very little and I was able to set that belief down. Instead, I cared for the others and I willed for each of them to be able to witness their best selves, for themselves. I believe that each of us began to see that glimpse. We ended the night by dancing in the firelight, belonging, laughing, co-creating & singing.

I felt like the little girl who had been brave in her childhood. I felt like my 7-year-old self who would scamper about in nature most of the day. Who had had some of that ‘brave knocked out of her along the way? I returned home, an adult reunited with her joyousness, with dirty feet and hair smelling of woodsmoke. Nourished in my heart and mind, in my body and my soul. The echoes of this work will resonate for a long time with me and feed my personal and my professional worlds.

Women’ sitting in circle‘, and supporting each other can do awesome things. It is time for us to support each other in being Brave. Book On: I Dare You!

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