Professional Destiny 

Career Coaching: Destiny. What do you do when you know you have the ability to do great things, and yet, You are stymied every which way you turn? What if you know you have valuable feedback work but it is never heard? What if you can see the bigger picture and can clearly see what’s not working, but nobody is willing to attend to those things? What if you are supportive of your own staff and yet from above you receive little or no support or recognition? If you can stand it no longer, you have two choices. 

Yes, you can leave… You can use your whole network to find what opportunities there are out there for you. 

Or, before you resort to this, you could take a risk and see what happens.

My guidance would be to take this last chance before you leave because both you and the organisation might well gain much from it.

So, who do you go to and how do you get their ear? Firstly, if you are going to take anyone’s time you need to be really clear what you are taking it for…. Make a clear list of the things you want resolving, those things that are doing the organisation a disservice or losing them money. Then find the person to share them with. I’m guessing you will have tried passing this via your immediate superior, you might have even tried sharing it with the appropriate “Head-Ofs”.


What you might need to do is to go over and above all of that and go to Director or CEO level. This is in no way about complaining about ‘who is not doing what’. This is about bringing legitimate business concerns to the senior team. If the senior team has any kind of emotional intelligence then they will be glad of this information. It’s in service of that profitability or the reputation of their enterprise.

I was given a task once when I was in my mid-20s of doing the staff turn over figures for a large retail organisation. Every month these fingers were high. That means that huge amounts of ‘what could be profit’ was being wasted on recruitment and training of new staff. Every month I shared this information with my manager. Over the space of 6 months, I saw no remedial actions taken.

Career Coaching: Destiny

Eventually, I fell into that dip of believing I was wasting my time…  which I was. This was a pointless box-ticking exercise. So, I pulled my self up by my bootstraps and I made an appointment with the head of HR. I did see her. I did share my information. I still saw no changes…. and, do you know what it taught me? It taught me that this was not a place I wanted to work after all! I still remember the moment I decided that I had absolutely done my best. I took off my heels as I walked out of the door for the final time…… the relief was immense.

I’m sorry it not an obviously happy ending, but, what it was, was a clear ending. I promptly went and got a fabulous job in training and development for a really progressive organisation. I also left knowing that I had done my best. That was a good feeling. If you feel you’re destined for SO much more than this, tell someone. Tell the right person. Take the risk:

I Dare You! At the very least you will have clarity. 

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