career coaching Change

Career Coaching: Change

Career Coaching: Change — Are You Ready for change – or do you just think you are? You see there’s a step to take BEFORE change that’s not that comfortable: Frederick Perls, in his “Paradoxical Theory of Change” States: “ Change occurs when one becomes what he is, not when he tries to become what he is not. “ […]

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Career Coaching: How to make a career change

Career Coaching:  How to make a career change.

Career Coaching:  How to make a career change? Here’s a radical idea: in order to make a career change, how about you do a recce of what it is you LIKE doing. . Yes, I know you want to maintain your salary. Yes, I also know you are good at doing what you ‘should’. I’m […]

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career coaching walking my talk

Career Coaching: Walking My Talk!

Career coaching: Walking my talk – I’ve had a reminder over the past year of exactly how hard I ask my clients to work & the discomfort I expect them to face. The transformation that leads to a career-change or a business-build is not that of the tasks that need to happen on the outside. Before that, […]

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career coaching really heard

Career Coaching: Really Heard

Career Coaching: Really Heard. How does it feel for you when you are heard? And, what happens as a result of that witnessing? My experiences show it’s VALUABLE! . Today I had a mundane, small boy-related, ‘I’m excluded’ incident. Doesn’t matter now what it was. But, when I got back from the school run I was […]

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career coaching workaholic

Career Coaching: Workaholic 

Career Coaching: Workaholic. So,  how’s your ‘responsible workaholic”? Just asking because mine has been in full flow during the last 18 months…I have taken myself to the wall and beyond several times and now this needs to stop. And, my question was not an insult. The “Responsible Workaholic” is a personality type named in Karlah’s Process […]

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Career Coaching: When failure becomes strength

When Failure Becomes Strength

Career Coaching: When Failure Becomes Strength. Have you ever failed? Have you ever fxxked something up so badly, maybe even publicly, that you no longer want to exist, let alone trying it again? Yep! Me too! I think what happens is that we get ‘failure’ all tangled up with shame. Then we get stuck. What we need to […]

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Career coaching what have you learned

Career Coaching: What Have You Learned? 

Career Coaching: What have you learned during life in the time of Covid? We are going through one of THE most transformative times in history. NEVER has the whole world been brought to a halt simultaneously. These have been tough times, lives and liberties lost. I also believe this has been a time full of gifts […]

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career coaching time for change

Time for Change?

Career Coaching: Time for Change? Imagine this: Remote working has shown you that it is possible to do your job from ANYWHERE in the world! Just imagine… you could work on a sun-drenched Cretan beach or sitting by a cool lake in Austria, or even on a snowy mountain top. Imagine being able to swim, or […]

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Career Coaching: Destiny

Professional Destiny 

Career Coaching: Destiny. What do you do when you know you have the ability to do great things, and yet, You are stymied every which way you turn? What if you know you have valuable feedback work but it is never heard? What if you can see the bigger picture and can clearly see what’s […]

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Career Change: Failure

Career Change: Failure

Career Change: Failure. So you decided on your new career, you did the research, you applied for the job, you got the interview, and you got rejected? What now? Here’s an excerpt from a conversation I had this week with a colleague. We have both been trying phenomenally big new things. “I feel exhausted. I […]

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