Maximising Your Professional Potential

Career coaching: Detective work. I see people come in who are bright, competent, inspiring change-makers…. but…, they still can’t put themselves forward. This is inevitably due to a belief they hold about themselves form the past. Whilst it has no apparent relevance in the here and now. It is still operating within their lives.

I’ve had talented writers who still believe they can’t write as they were told that they couldn’t write when they were four… Why? because they were left-handed and sensibly wrote backward, from right to left in,  order that they didn’t smudge their newly formed letters with their own hand…. this individual no longer writes in this way but , the belief that they ‘can’t write’ got lodged in their brain and had prevented them from showing anyone what they had created since…
I’ve had people whose very first interview, back at school, was SO traumatic that they have spent fifteen years avoiding any interview situations at all… how many opportunities have they missed… time to address that.
I have had individuals with dyslexia who were so “shamed” at school that they have, ever since, avoided any situation where they would be in the spotlight. That’s such a shame when they have such wisdom to

Career Coaching: Detective Work

What is the solution to these scenarios? What can help dissolve the beliefs that are holding them back???
It’s as simple as a little internal kindness. Quit telling that small person that she can’t write, quit reinforcing that belief that he can’t do interviews. Quit shying away from the spotlight. Try this instead; take the hand of that small person and reassure them that ‘you’ll do it together’. Ask them what they needed when they were hurting… ? as adults you can provide that for yourselves now…
Career Coaching: Detective work
So commit to replacing that belief you hold about yourself with something supportive and nourishing. Don’t leave that small person on their own. Bring them along with you, reassure the ‘small you’ and believe in their possibilities.
That! That’s the way to stop beliefs of old getting in the way of what you can achieve today…Those things were hurtful, they deserve a hearing. Then they deserve some good old TLC

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