Is it really a Disaster?

Career Coaching: Disaster? What happens when you have considered would be in your current sector or role, for the rest of your working years, and it goes? What happens when that plan gets disrupted by circumstances right out of your control. What happens to your professional plans when the paradigm changes to the extent where you can no longer do the job you love, in the way that you love doing it?

Career Coaching: Disaster

Firstly, I guess there will be a sulk. That may take the form of a grieving process. That’s what happens when something you love is taken from you with your consent or agreement. It hurts, it feels infuriating, it feels like you have lost your agency, potency, and power. Injustice bites deep. The Kubler Ross change curve demonstrates the process you might be in. Beware, this is also not linear. You may slide back a way before you can move forward. In the end, move forward you will.

Career Coaching: Disaster

Eventually, reconciliation must come, if only because to stay where you are will drive you towards insanity (because you care) and also there is the need for a wage to be earned. What then? Go to a competitor? All sorts of risks, especially those of meeting exactly the same problems you face here anyway. Or. Do you take this as the opportunity to design your career around the person that you have become? 

Take a little time to reflect. Take time to harness what you have gained. To time to really examine what worked for you and what didn’t and thus you can jettison. Take time to decide what you’d really like to contribute to the world. You might arrive at a surprisingly satisfying conclusion about your next professional move. It might lead you to a better place than you could ever have hoped.

This is how you turn what at first appeared to be a disaster, into a real win for you. 

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