Career Coaching: Envy

Career Coaching: Envy. Interestingly envy in others is a good sign. It means that you are doing what you are doing, well. If someone seems to have it in for you in your Profesional arena, that means you are standing right on your power.

It’s taken me a long time to recognise two things if someone is being all weird at me. Firstly it’s not my stuff, it’s usually theirs. Secondly, it means that just by being me, I have triggered something in them that is discomforting in them… and… that means I’m being “Me” quite well. It also means that I don’t need to do anything.

Career Coaching: Envy

A colleague was recently describing all sorts of threats issuing from an associate’s mouth. These threats were well outside the remit of the contact that had been signed. In fact, they were nigh on fantastical. That doesn’t mean the threats were inert. It does mean was that they were being issued by an individual who was triggered. They had been triggered into their own inadequacy in the light of this woman’s success.
Career Coaching: Envy

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It is really interesting what happens in the shadows of our psyche. If we squash any emotion back into the dark, then we are driven by it rather than able to use the information it supplies. If we are not allowed to be envious ourslelves than we lose a huge motivator that tells us where we want to be going. If envy is written off as unpalateable then we can fail to recognise that others envy of us is a sign of our success.
Bring those emotions out of the shadow and we have access to huge amounts of information about ourselves that informs us of our achievements and our next choices in life. If you notice anyone being ‘green-eyed’ about you in the future… Perhaps try taking it as a compliment instead.
Try it: I Dare You

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