Career Coaching: Explained

Career Coaching: Explained. Here a client of mine describes her experiences of career coaching with a Daemon to a potential client. Unsurprisingly, after these words of recommendation, they have come on board. I thought it might be interesting to have glimpse into this work from a client’s perspective …

1) What were your expectations of what you were going to get out of the sessions?

I probably need to give you some background for this to make sense. I worked for almost ten years at Thomson Reuters as a first line, middle and then senior manager and on the way up the corporate ladder, I received a number of opportunities to be coached and was indeed given internal training to coach people myself. On that basis, I had a pretty clear idea of what to expect – and in fact, my initial reason for wanting to have coaching from Rebecca was to help me move forward in my own plans to become a self-employed coach.

I anticipated (correctly) that we would have an agreed number of sessions during which we would mutually lay out expectations, set some clear goals and then work together to support me in reaching those goals.

At the time I was pregnant with my first child and this was going to be a career change for me, undertaken at a very different, new and unknown time in my life. We agreed on a set of three or four sessions initially that would lead up to having the baby and then one or two sessions during my maternity leave to reassess where I was at and help to keep me on course.

2) Were you expectations met or were there things that you were not expecting that you got out of the sessions?

What happened in those sessions was fascinating.

As I expected, we agreed goals, had conversations that were honest, deep, forthright and revelatory. Objectives were clearly agreed at the start of the process and Rebecca used a number of different tools through the sessions to a) stress test those objectives and b) hold me accountable to them.

What I was not expecting was what happens when you work with someone who is skilled enough to get you to go to those ‘unknown unknowns’ – the places you don’t even know that you don’t even know you need to go – and how transformative that process is – or certainly has been for me.

I had gone in with the explicit belief that what I wanted was to become a coach, that I had the skills I needed for the job, I just needed to work my way through the how of getting there given my changing circumstances. However time and again during the sessions my love of and need to write kept emerging but I kept pushing it away. At no point did Rebecca make a fuss about this, she let it happen, held it as a truth for me and helped me to acknowledge it. I guess in short what I’m saying is that through those conversations I was able to face what I really wanted to do/be, to cut through the BS of reasons/excuses why I wasn’t doing it and finally let it have the light and air it needed to grow.

3) Were you looking to get advice for specific industries or roles that you should investigate for your next role and did you have an idea of them prior to the sessions?

Yes and yes. But that’s not where I landed!

4) Did you meet with many other career coaches and if so why did you go with Rebecca?

I’ve had experience of other coaches previously and know a number of coaches but I felt at the offset from my initial contact with Rebecca that she understood where I was at in life. I guess what I’m saying here is that I went with Rebecca specifically because it ‘felt’ like the right fit.

Career Coaching: Explained

5) What results did find following the course?  Do you think was this was a direct result from the sessions or would you have come to these conclusions without the course?

After our initial set of sessions (including the ones postbaby) I had a lot to think about. Having spent a long time denying my creativity, accepting it and then figuring out what I had to do about that needed a bit of processing. I then went back to Rebecca to do some more structured work around understanding and manifesting my purpose, using a tool called ‘logical levels’. I think this piece of work really helped to build my confidence  and laid important groundwork for the bigger changes that I’m only really now implementing.

I genuinely don’t believe I would be where I am now (developing a career as a writer, a writing coach and, a theatre maker) without the time spent with Rebecca. I had a lifetime of experience and skill in place to keep me doing ‘the right thing’ (vs what I wanted to do), a skill which had stopped me on any number of occasions from taking the creative/writer route seriously before.

6) Do you have any additional advice that you could give me either preparing myself for the sessions or that I should do post sessions?

I think my main advice is to go in with a willingness to be surprised, to surprise yourself. Be aware that there’s a really good chance what needs to bubble up will only do so in its own timeframe and the ripples from those conversations can go out a distance. I guess what I’m trying to say here is give the process and yourself time, certainly post sessions. I don’t think you need to worry too much about prep. The first session will do a lot of that path clearing and ‘readying’ if you don’t already have a clear goal in mind.

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