Career Coaching: innovation. Some people find it difficult to know what they want to do, even in their 30s, 40s or 50s and it’s not because they are indecisive. It is because their job has not been invented yet. Why has it not been invented? That will be because that person needs to birth the business or role themselves. Some individuals are so very innovative that they need to create a bespoke professional identity. And goodness don’t we need innovative and bespoke work to be done on this planet if we are actually going to survive as a species.

With extinction rebellion and climate emergency declaration, we need to admit that we have made mistakes. Going along doing exactly the same thing in exactly the same way and expecting the planet to survive is not only insanity, but it is also a downright dangerous strategy at this point in time. So, these people who haven’t found their thing yet? Who might feel they are ‘failing’, who are innovative beyond our imagination, might just be our solution.

Are you one of these people too? Do you see the flaws in a system as soon as you walk through the door?  Do the existing systems infuriate you? Do those who are deaf to your input drive you to distraction? Has you Job-turnover increased as you have gotten wiser as you tolerance of idiocy had fallen. Have you have had to move on, in the hope of finding something that does work? Has your hope of that outcome begin to fade…? 

Career Coaching: innovation 

I do have a solution or two to this. Both include stepping outside your comfort zone. Firstly allow yourself to dream. I believe that dreaming gets beaten out of us, firstly through the education system and then secondly in adult life, Daring to dream can be seen as arrogant, woo-woo or even dangerous. My advice would be to challenge that. Carve out regular time to dream. Find your access point, might be writing or running or listen to music… allow the dreams to come.

Secondly, start to reach out to those who are doing innovative things too. Reach out, ask questions, be curious and connect. Some of these people will teach you heaps. It’s time to find your tribe.

So, if you have been showing up, doing what is asked of you but feeling deeply frustrated and undernourished beneath that. Perhaps it’s time to do it differently. Allow yourself to dream. Reach out to others and you might just get a different outcome. You might find just what you want to be doing and your innovative approach might be just what the world needs. Now THAT is a sweet spot 

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