To Do This Is Insanity!

Career coaching: Insanity. In order to change your circumstances, you need to act differently. In order to act differently, you need to take risks. Humans are generally risk-averse. This is a natural part of our psyche. We don’t want to step into the unknown. We want to know exactly what the outcome will be if we change something. The reality is that we can never anticipate the totality of an outcome. The other reality check is that to keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different outcome is actually insanity!

How can you break that cycle? This is where it can be really helpful to disengage your analytical brain. Yep! That brain that can talk you into a choice over the space of an evening, and right back out of it again by the morning. This is the bit of the brain we have been taught to use at school, encouraged to use at work and expected to use on “Planet Adult”. It is the rational, logical, fact-based left bit of our brain. This is not the bit of your brain that your true desires inhabit. How can you hear your actual desires?

Career Coaching: Insanity

A therapist said to me, 20 years ago when I ask this question, ‘what do I do when my head says one thing and my heart says another?’
“Use your head is in service of your heart.”
This was a revelation to me! raised by teachers, the phrase “just think about it” was instilled into my very being. The thinking was the way to move forward and it was the way to solve any problem. It was the way to attend to any choice. I have spent 20 years since that moment, trying to tip that right on its head in order to let my heart lead the way. Once my heart has made itself heard, then; and only then, do I engage my brain. The brain is after all only a set of tools and cogs, used to decide the actions I need to take in order to make my hearts desire come true…

How do I hear those desires? By listening to myself and by hearing what the small person inside me was denied. By talking the merest wisp of an idea over with those who won’t squish it. By walking my way through these thoughts and allowing them space to percolate. By writing about my ideas. It’s amazing what unexpected things emerge as I begin to type. Yet, when I read the words back to myself, I realise these have been lurking just beneath the surface, waiting to be heard for literally years.

Career Coaching: insanity

If this solution sounds All “woo-woo” to you, then I hear you. Perhaps you too were raised programmed to perform, measured by metrics, outputs demanded of you. To step out of this yang energy, to settle back and wait for your heart’s desire to emerge might seem ridiculous, ludicrous or even lazy. Well, from what I know of my own life and of 25 years of facilitating the personal development of others. Hearing and working with your heart’s desire is the ONLY really sustainable way is operating in this world. If you only have one life, and if you are to live it to your fullest. If you are to be the best self that you can be, then your choices need to originate in your heart.  This is where you will find your passion. Once you have found your passion then you will literally move mountains in order to make it real.

So, here’s a novel idea, if you don’t know “what next” and all routes feel fearful, then maybe it’s time to let your heart have a say in your next choice. Still yourself and hear those ‘whispers of ‘possibility’ that you have been taught to ignore. These Heart-based decisions will enable you to have the courage to take risks and do things you have previously never dared. This is you being The You that you were meant to be in your personal and your professional worlds.

Quit being insane: I Dare You!

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