Career Coaching: “Lucky”. Have you come across those people who just seem to land on their feet? Those that go for promotion and always get it? Those who consistently earn well without seeming to put much energy in? Those who even if they get made redundant, have a new job within days? Those who appear to get offers thrown at them when they don’t even care that much? That was always a concern to me… I am happy for those who have worked hard to do well (get my judgment there), but, it always seems like an injustice if someone who doesn’t seem to give a damn does really well. How can that be – how did they get all the luck huh?
Well, it appears that I need to quit comparing my inside with their outside success. It seems that “lucky” isn’t enough. Over the last decade, I realised that have I misjudged ‘lucky’. I have had the pleasure of living and working with lucky people and it is not all it is cracked up to be. You see, when you have worked hard for something and achieved it, it is very satisfying to know that you have made that happen. That is your ‘win’ and your reward and your accomplishment. If you drifted into it and it happened by “luck”, all of that end of the ‘gestalt cycle of learning’ is lost. There is no reflection or consolidation, no celebration or reward.

Career Coaching: Lucky?

I have also noticed the ambivalence can be a real curse. Having had a few (ahem!) roles before I found one that I was passionate about, I know what it’s like to land senior roles that you are just not that committed too. I also know the huge amount of energy it takes to play mental ping-pong, as I have in the past, as I tried to rationalize my way into staying or leaving or doing something in-between the two, to make it feel better. Ambivalence. Is. Exhausting!
The third thing with ‘lucky’ is that it has a tendency to run out. Lucky is something that you can have no control over. If you are at the behest of ‘luck’, you can equally be at the behest of the downturn in external circumstances. Lucky is about being passive. Lucky is temporary. You might be thinking that I am writing this from a place of bitterness and I am not. I am writing this from a place of huge gratitude where I can appreciate the impact that this business, and all who sail in her,  has had on peoples lives land careers and enterprises. What a privilege!
Appreciate what you have achieved. Celebrate it: I Dare You!

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