Career Coaching: Microdosing. Ok, so the bad news is that there is no perfect job that will be full of joy all the day long. The good news is that you are totally capable of tipping the balance from a role that is mostly dark into one that has mostly light. These are the roles that nourish us, keep us well and enable us to be our best selves in the world. 

There is a lot of talk about “Microdosing” right now. Whatever you thoughts or judgments are on that subject is no business of mine. However, it has brought a useful strategy into the room regarding career coaching work. If joy is this spontaneous and ‘in the moment thing’, then perhaps instead of seeking the perfect role, partner, life, instead we take control of our professional and our emotional worlds by micro-dosing on joy.

I am certainly not advocating staying in toxic work, life or relationship situations. What I am advocating is regularly, consistently and persistently, creating the opportunity for joy to enter our world.. That joy will not solve the data you need to analyse nor do it for you. what it can do is nourish you enough to then really focus on the task, knowing that this too is time limited.

We can get so serious about life and for good reasons. Trigged by Serious commitments and responsibility for homes, jobs, kids, … clients have been known to sit in front of me say words such as ‘when did I get so dull” in horror and exasperation with themselves. And it’s true. No longer can you just skive off for an afternoon and sit in the sunny pub garden, partying all night hurts WAY to much the next day. Even holidays can be hard work with the family alongside…. We might need to accept that joy will be in really small windows. Therefore, making space for joy has to be very regular.

Career Coaching: Microdosing

Where is it? Joy is here in the world and responsibility inside you. I will say now “IT IS DEFINITELY NOT ON THE INTERNET” and it’s not in that self-help book that you bought and never finished, either. Joy is turning the tunes up in the middle of the day and dancing like nobody is watching. It’s getting up from your desk and taking yourself for an adventure in nature at lunchtime. Joy is found in owning that whilst you are pretending to work and multi-tasking (watching movies, listening to the radio, scurrying off down the rabbit hole of the internet…,). you might as well admit that you are unfocused, move away from the screen and have a conversation or get into your body by doing some exercise. Then you can re-commit properly when you return 

Career Coaching: Microdosing

Bookend your work with your joy. If the average concentrate span is 14 minutes (!!!) according to The Independent then work with that. Intersperse the data-analysis with things that please you and make life worth living. Drip-feeding joy can spread ripple far and wide.  

Micro-dosing with Joy will either make the data analysis more bearable or, it will give you the nourishment you need to be strong enough to find something else by which to earn your living. What are your micro-joys?

Microdose Joy: I Dare You!

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