Your Mistakes Are SO Valuable!

Career Coaching: Mistakes. Mistakes are valuable, REALLY valuable. Mistakes are rich with learning. We can only access this learning if we choose not to beat ourselves up. If we get stuck in the self-punishment loop, there is no way we can summons the energy to debrief and find the gift.

I have seen plenty of people use this pandemic as a time of reflection. Many friends, colleagues, and clients are beginning to consider doing things differently. Some want to slow down, some want to step right up into their authority; some are choosing trajectories that are totally different from anything they ever imagined!

The important bit to remember is that these desired changes do not mean you we doing anything wrong before. It’s a bit like writing. I wrote a whole piece of content yesterday, put it through Grammarly, ready to MailChimp today. I woke up this morning and realised it’s not what I want to say at all. I will write it again this evening. It would be all too easy for my inner critic to get hold of that and use it to rip me to shreds. For wasting time, for not getting it right first-off, for taking so long about things when there is so much else to be done… The potential self-flagellation is endless!

Career Coaching: Mistakes

And, coming back to the present, we are where we are, and I don’t want to send out rubbish content. I couldn’t have accessed the ‘good content’ without getting that first bit out of my system first to clear the way. Thus, what appeared to be a total waste of time, actually had a purpose.

So. Remember that the bit you have just lived has been invaluable for getting you here to this place If you have changed your mind about your career or even the route map for your life, your life to date was a total success. It enabled you to work out what you didn’t want. Now you can choose to follow the thing that you do.

This, coming from a woman who set up two businesses before this one. I’m grateful to both of those endeavours, even if they didn’t get very far, as without them I could never have made a success of this one.

There are no mistakes to punish, only information and gifts to be harnessed.

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