How Negative Are Your Narratives?

Career Coaching Narratives: Are you telling yourself a dark story?  Be really wary of filling the gaps with your own negative narrative. Our brains are predisposed to be negative. Why? In order that we can seek out the dangers that threaten us. That does serve a purpose, and, it is not always useful.


career coaching narratives

As humans, we are also predisposed to create stories. We have lived according to the myths, legends, fairy stories and religions for several millennia. Stories were verbal and pictorial before we wrote it printed and they served as guidance for living and loving and learning. And, mix a propensity for creating stores with a propensity for looking on the dark side aha what have we got? Often it’s utter nonsense!
“Often it’s utter nonsense!”
We tell ourselves that we can’t do this that and the other, that we don’t deserve xy&z and that we could possibly expect others to help us. And, mostly all of that is of our own making. We have very little evidence to substantiate it and yet we allow it to prevent us seeking out the opportunities that not only would benefit us but also are of real benefit to the world.

Career Coaching Narratives

Observing this destructive slant in a colleague the other day who had gone off-ramp for a year to get her masters. I could see she was using that space as a receptacle for all sorts of negative thoughts about an upcoming interview. These thoughts were definitely not about the individual sitting in front of me. The pragmatic, feisty, inspired and dynamic woman who could certainly do the role she was interviewing for standing on her head. If she had allowed these narratives to prevent her from showing up at interview then she wouldn’t have got the job. Not getting the job would have deprived that sector of a real talent
It is time we learned to reign in our brain’s natural propensity to err on the negative. You do have a choice and both you and the wider world will benefit from your practice of challenging it.

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