Career Coaching: Nascence. I’m LOVING the energy around at the moment – nobody quite knows what to call their ‘Thing’ yet, but there’s a power and an energy flowing through each of them….. and that is leading to brilliance. I am seeing SO many gorgeous ideas, enterprises, reimaginings, and projects just waiting to birth now. These give me SO much hope for the individuals involved, but also for the way we trade and thus for the earth.
It IS connected to the time of year. Samhain, late October is certainly the death of the old year and the time of new beginnings, of conception, of planting those bulbs for next year, deep in the ground. Headed towards Solstice, the darkest days, new potential lies, stirring slightly in the soil, ready to spring forth in the spring. Putting its taproot down for nourishment.

Career Coaching: Nascence

With 2020 bringing the exaggerated energies to everything (haven’t those energies been low and so high in the moments of joy!). It feels like there is a compression, a deepening, and this pressure is exactly what makes diamonds from carbon.
This is the year where the extraordinary circumstances will culminate in totally new ways of doing things as we reimagine our future, in the dark of winter.
Never underestimate the power of one individual stepping out to do things their own way. If we do hold true to our values & our own way of doing things, then the corporates can tumble, but at ground level, we will have already sorted our route.
Breathe into this space, it’s all assembling itself. Don’t jettison it, or bail or push too hard. Be patient it’s on its way
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