Career Coaching: Patience. It can take a little time to construct a really solid platform upon which to build your career. In a society where we expect everything ‘ Now.’ (if not ‘yesterday’!), it feels counterintuitive to carve out the time to stop and to reflect. In reality, it is important to spend time choosing what to harness to take forward for the next bit.

Clients are frequently sitting there, fretting internally that they  ‘only have three more sessions left and haven’t even got to the business plan yet…’. I do understand the feeling. It was this kind of impatience that led me to commit half-formed notions of myself and my ideas to paper, only to wonder why I fell into the business abyss (again!).
What I eventually did was to quit trying to fly so high and so quickly. In growing low to the ground and in an organic manner, something sustainable and ‘true’ grew. Then it was a pleasure as opposed to a massive climb. Only to be followed by another bruising fall.

Career Coaching: Patience

By taking your time, and I mean taking three months, not years. By taking three months you can do right by yourself. Nobody said you needed to quit living and working whilst you do this …You can really examine the gifts you have gained during your professional journey thus far. You can thus choose how the next bit of that journey needs to look for you. You can work out what exactly how the sweet spot between what you went to bring to the world and what the world needs from you, will look like.
Take. Your. Time. It is yours to do with as you please. So, if you want to be pleased with that outcome of this work, then sink into it and do it rigorously.

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