Managing Your ​Portfolio Career

Career Coaching: Portfolio Career. Increasingly people come to me seeking their Professional Thing, only to find that what they really want, is a series of Professional Things. They want to earn thier living by honouring several strands of things that they love. This is perfectly possible and very joyous for certain personality types.

These days it is perfectly possible, if not even essential, to have the skills with which to manage your career portfolio. This was once the privilege of the wealthy. Now, it is essential for us ‘normal’ people in order that we can make professional progress. Even in the ‘Red Brick’ occupations, teaching, medicine, law, that were once seen as ‘for life’, have become roles where you need to manage your own self promotion. Often people are quitting these professions today in order to manage their health.

What does that mean exactly?

Career Coaching: Portfolio Career 

Managing a Career Portfolio It means being really clear. It means knowing the professional environments that work best for you. It means working out those day-to-day behaviours and organisational cultures that nourish you. It means exluding those things that deplete you. It means knowing and having confidence in exactly what skills and capabilities you bring on your side of the deal. It means having clarity regarding your core values. It means knowing the professional identity(s) you seek and the wider purpose they can be employed to meet

It means knowing and owning all those things. It also means knowing how to use them to negotiate. I bet they didn’t teach you that on your degree if you qualified pre-2004 when tuition fees really took a hike. It takes real clarity regarding what works for you in a professional. This means that you can choose you next move as you understand the reasons for it.

If you seek this kind of clarity, we can do this together.  

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