The Downside of Promotion

Career Coaching: Promotion. You are enough. A question clients are often asking themselves, and me, when they show up here, is this:

“What value do I bring to the business?”

On the back of a promotion, Imposter Syndrome can really kick in. The gap between how you perceive yourself and what others see in you, can widen significantly when you are faced with a new working paradigm and a psyche that hasn’t caught up yet.  Stepping into your authority does not happen over night. Stepping into your authority also does not happen by researching what others think on the internet.

Where does stepping into your authority begin? Firstly in accepting compliments from this who do see your brilliance. Even if every cell of your being wants to refute what you are hearing, instead, smile and say “thank you” and breathe that compliment in. That way just a teeny tiny bit of it might make a dent your sense of fraudulence.

Career Coaching: Promotion

Where else does stepping into you authority begin? It begins inside of you. It begins with the merest tendrils of the understanding that merely by being who you are, before you do anything, you bring inherent traits that are valuable to the business. Therefore, anything else that you do is a bonus.

Yep! I hear that is hard concept to get your head around. What? I am enough as I am… really? Perhaps it helps to consider this: There is a paradox to be reconciled here. The bits that we each bring naturally are the bits we find easy. We find them easy because they have become a natural part of us. We gift these things easily. The consequence of that is that we don’t value these things at all. 

Here’s a measure for you. As often these gifts are intangible and immeasurable and thus, even though others value them, we find them hard to articulate and demonstrate. Think of something that annoys you about other people when you work with them. Then, see if that thing is something you value and thus bring naturally?

Here’s one of my examples: I hate it when people are not ‘present’ with me. Time is short, we are all busy. If we have carved out the time to be together, be it for business or for pleasure, then let’s make most of it. If my husband dares pick up his phone or laptop between 8&9pm at night when we are together, then I can take very personally. It feels like a slight on the importance of our relationship. Why is this? It’s taken me years to work out that this is not ego. I feel offended because one of the strengths that I bring is my ‘presence’

As a coach and as a mother, as a supervisor, as a wife and friend, whoever I am with gets my whole attention.  That is one of the gifts that I bring, merely by being me. And don’t I flippin judge those who can’t or won’t put themselves aside in that same way!!!

So, if the behaviour of another aggravates you, perhaps you might examine that to see if you can claim it as a skill of your own. This value is found inside. Begin to hear what you hold as important and true and then you can assert that for yourself in your new position 

That is stepping into your own authority. Its about ownng your skills. It’s knowing that you are absolutely ‘enough’ in order to do what needs to be done. That’s the value you bring to the business.

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