Reflection: The Benefits

Career Coaching: Reflection

In this fast-paced, multiple-identity-juggling, demonstrate-your-worth-relentlessly culture. When do you take the chance to reflect on the things you have done? In my opinion, it is a rare phenomenon. In my opinion reflecting is a skill well worth cultivating. 

Often a client will show up saying ‘ I wondered whether to come as I haven’t done my homework’.

What these people and perhaps this applies to me and thee too? Is to make the time to notice what HAS been achieved. as opposed to what has not. Sometimes you might not have seen a task through to its conclusion at work, however, that doesn’t mean you haven’t done anything towards it at all. What you might find is that you have done a lot of the ground work, but that as it hadn’t come to fruition yet, that doesn’t count… Really? What about that nourishment and confidence that comes from affirming yourself for what you have achieved and learned?

When do finish projects, we also neglect to reflect on what went well and what didn’t? If we skip this step, then we can absolutely miss the learning inherent in those projects or experiences, be they successful or not. If we refuse to make that time to harness these nuggets of gold, we are therefore doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again…

Career Coaching: Reflection

So in short ‘reflecting’ is really valuable: In the short term it leads to increasing confidence. In the long term reflecting can save hours, days or even weeks in undoing the same mistakes you have made over and over again.

It can feel counter-intuitive to pause and reflect. appears to achieve very lit that’s measurable. However, It might be worth countering our culture and our programming to do the opposite and reap the rewards of reflecting for you?

 Try it pausng and Reflecting and See what you gain: I dare you!

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