Career Coaching: Reflection

Career Coaching: Reflection. If you keep doing the same thing again and again, you will get the same result.  If you want things to change then you absolutely have to do something differently. How differently? Well, that is up to you. The major decider on the size of the changes depends on how swiftly you decide to risk something new.

If you have let things become dire before making a different move, then that move you make will need to be huge. Huge moves can be jarring and take a lot of time to settle-out. The trick seems to be to notice when something is amis and make small incremental changes swiftly. 

Have I cracked this one? No! Am I better at putting myself out of my comfort-zone earlier? Yes!

Career Coaching: Reflection 

There have been times where I have stubbornly persisted nearly to the death. These days I will surrender much earlier and try a new way instead of digging my heels in persistence whilst repeating ‘well this worked fine yesterday!’ Irrespective of the circumstances brought by today. 

This is the importance in the reflective part of the gestalt cycle of learning. Reflecting, regularly & constructively on what did and didn’t work is really important. For those of you who are as active as me, flying on to the next project or task, without pausing a revisiting what just happened, is a sure fire way to miss the learning. Take time to reflect (confluence) on the way around the circle of change and you have a chance of picking up the need for doing things a different way, WAY before disaster strikes.

Practice this ‘pause’. Practice dropping down into yourself. Practise hearing what worked and what didn’t. That way, the small incremental changes can be made. This way ginormous shifts in behaviour or action or attitudes don’t have to be made because the tweaks and nudges are made along the way. 

Reflect: I Dare You 

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