Credit Where Credit Is Due!

Career Coaching Rewards: If it is feeling like its all uphill right now, perhaps there is a habit you could break:

Try giving yourself the credit for what you HAVE done: I don’t know about you but I can spend a lot of time assessing what I haven’t done… I spend very little time giving myself any credit whatsoever for those small steps that I HAVE taken towards my end game… This way lies depletion.

You see the end game is merely the Big Outcome of a selection of Small Steps taken. Put them all together and you have something significant. If you dismiss each one once you’ve taken it, you can feel static and stuck and stationary!!!
Working with someone last week and the session began in a not unfamiliar way:
“You see I don’t think I followed our plan. Taking 6 weeks out to travel to the other side of the world set me back and work has got in the way”
Me: “So, talk me through where you’re up to and we’ll see what needs to be done”
And an hour later this same person is looking rather pleased... Oh, so I have done what I aimed to do… I just lost sight of the thread along the way…”
career coaching rewards
And that’s the problem with being entrepreneurial … Nobody else knows the plan. Nobody really knows what you’re wrestling with. That’s because a majority of it is in your own head. Nobody credits your progress because traditional work just doesn’t look like this. Nobody gives you a wage, and appraisal, a Christmas Works ‘Do’ or a bloody bonus either. Whilst the very reason you’re not working for others is you don’t want this kind of set up, it is REALLY important that you do find your own ways of rewarding yourself, of giving yourselves credit where credit is due.
It’s only when I go and work inside one organisation or another, that, in comparison, I can really see how much I actually do!

Career Coaching Rewards

So make sure you ease off enough to reflect on your progress. Perhaps find a peer mentor with someone who works similarly? Hold each other accountable and celebrate your respective achievements.

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Either way, make sure you credit yourself for your courage in designing it your way. Reward yourself for showing up and taking all those steps the will begin to make your genuine pathway.

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