Self-Promotion? What’s That????

Career Coaching: Self-Promotion: Warning ⚠️: its Time to woman – up! There had been a cultural change over that past two decades that might leave you at a disadvantage in the job application game. With graduates leaving uni with increasing debts, what they also take with them is a self-promo savvy that I certainly never got. I studied my subject for three years and left my excellent university with few real life or understanding of transferable skills …
What you too might have carried with you are those beliefs about ‘not boasting’ or’ being arrogant’ or ‘pride before a fall’. So, now us the time to challenge that and harness all you have gained. If your interview selection process is pitching you against those youngsters who are fluent in selling who they are and what they bring. You need to up your game. Not only can you harness the skills, knowledge and personal attributes you have, and you’ll need to be really rigorous in doing so, you do have an advantage that experience pulls rank over their attitude.

Career Coaching: Self-Promotion

Experience pulls rank every time. What You have is the experience of the real world of work. Not a years placement, but ten, twenty or even thirty years real, hands-on, practical experience of navigating workplaces, budgets, and organisational dynamics. That is with its weight in gold…

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So credit yourself with it please, those experiences and the resilience you’ve built. Sure there will have been challenges. Make sure you emphasise what you learned. If you bring this stuff and you up your game on your self-promotion, interviewers will see just how much you can contribute to their endeavour. Most likely that’s a huge amount more than an individual in their early 20s.
Bring your uniqueness, your experience, and your proven track record: I Dare You! 
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