Show Up!

Career Coaching: Show-Up. If you want a consistent outcome then you need to be consistent in your input. Your career, your project, your business or your team, will reflect exactly what you put into it. Fact! What we manifest outside in the world is a direct reflects of the actions that we take. The actions that we take are a mirror of the way we think. Be you religious or not (& I’m not!) I can highly recommend “conversions with god” as a text for exploring this further.

In the meantime’s that means that THE most potent place for you to be working If you want to see a change in your career is at that place where your thoughts become action. If our worlds are constructed of a myriad of actions taken on the back of our thoughts and intentions, then perhaps it’s worth looking at what these patterns are exactly?  Most will be serving you perfectly well, so there’s no need to go into deep psychotherapy. However, if there are places where you would like a different outcome, doing the same thing, again and again, is literally insanity.

Career Coaching: Show Up

Here are some steps for change: identity what it is that is not working. Identify what it is you are doing. Identify what thought lies behind that action. Follow that back and identify what it is that you believe about yourself or your world that has you doing that thing. Be curious about that belief? What’s does it come from? Is it working? Do you still want it any more? If that belief is one that no longer serves you? What would you like to believe instead …

Repeat that belief to yourself three times a day for three weeks. Observe. Observe that happens to your thinking? Observe what happens to you actions. Observe how your world begins to change, over the weeks and that months…

Doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different outcome? To change this, work with the belief that underpins that action. You can choose what you believe. Making a choice will make a huge impact on your thinking, your actions and thus on your outcomes. Showing up consitnetly and in the right way will give you consistently good outcomes.

Try it: I dare you

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