Play to Your Strengths!

Career Coaching: Strengths. Play to your strengths. Many people show up here saying “I’m here because I am not good at XY&Z”. My response is ‘what ARE you good at? Shall we work with that instead?’.

We are so good at trying to be everything to everyone that we even work on the bits we hate. If you don’t like it, the chances are you may not be good at it!

Maybe it comes down to an education system that in its effort to give us a good foundation in all subjects, forgets to gives us a little nudge at the end to say ‘it’s ok to drop those bits you don’t love now’. Or maybe we fell foul of an employment system where positive feedback (& thus our bonus!) was limited by bosses who played down our strengths by highlighting our vulnerabilities. Or maybe it is simply a symptom of the responsibility of self-employment that with enthusiasm we commit to ‘doing it all’ when we start out, and later we forget to set down those bits we don’t enjoy… perhaps it habitual for us to just plow onwards…

Career Coaching: Strengths

The good news is that you can quit doing that now. That even better news is that if you do so your confidence will rise. Jettison that, get someone who loves doing that to do it and focus instead on the bits that give you joy.

When you do those bits you love you will do them well. When you do things well then your confidence will rise. That’s an upward spiral that will have you feeling good about your work and yourself. If you need to hand your website maintenance over so that you can focus on providing the client service, then do that, guilt-free, knowing you will do it well.

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