How To Quit Tick-List-Ticking!

Career Coaching: Sustainability: Work has clear timelines and sometimes things really need to ramp up in order that these time commitments be met… And…. as a colleague put it, ‘ I need to make time to be a normal person too’

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How do we do this when work, life, family, relationships all need to take things from us…? The solution in the short term is to create short reflective times REGULARLY. If you actually believe this isn’t possible, that’s a big red flag that you are heading for Burnout. Nobody can exist in cortisol and adrenaline 24/7 and stay healthy long term. if you can’t stand down from stress then the mini-break is what is needed. To find out what kind of mini-break is bespoke to you? Ask yourself this:
“When do I feel most relaxed and ‘in the zone..’.?”
The answers to this question will differ widely. For some individuals that will actually mean a really great work out at the gym. Certainly, a swim clears my mind of all worries with the space of half an hour. Some people power-up in nature…Some by escaping into a book…Some by yin-yoga, other by meditation and some by merely being still.
Whatever ‘it’ is, these things, in all their diversity, all creat replenishment, and renourishment. They are the spaces where inspiration can creep in. We are so encouraged to “power on through”, to be active and yang and “ticklist-ticking”. We are told life is all about what we can demonstrate that we can achieve…

Career Coaching: Sustainability:

There have to be some pauses. There needs to be downtime. There needs to be detachment whence we can allow different perspectives to reveal themselves to us. We have a misconception that If we are not actively working on it, then nothing is happening. What we need to learn to do is to trust that our brains are WAY more clever than that. If we stop pushing forward then we automatically move into the right brain… Roger Sperry found all of this in our right brain and valuable stuff it is too:

  • imagination
  • holistic thinking
  • intuition
  • arts
  • rhythm
  • nonverbal cues
  • feelings visualization
  • daydreaming
Our brains are active whether we are conscious of it or not…  Our brains are doing all that work on our behalf whilst we are looking in the other direction. So; take your foot off the accelerator, regularly, and trust that with yin energy, your answers will come. I get that, to begin with, it will feel totally counterintuitive. I can also tell you it works.
Try it: I dare you 

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