Career Coaching: Transformation. True change very rarely looks like I imagine it will. In my eyes, it should look ginormous. There should be upheaval and a decent amount of chaos, there might be stress and even shouting…

In reality, the current crisis is re-enforcing what I was already coming to know. True change is much, much quieter than that. True change is internal, it’s beneath the ground, it’s subtle and nuanced. Transformation begins in the middle, way before the outside results show themselves.

In Lockdown, I am conscious that I feel conflicted. I am so used to ‘Doing’ and forcing my way forward that I don’t know how to stop. I fail to see how I’m going to ‘Home Educate The Boy’ AND ‘Get Some Digital Content Out There’ for my business, as well as manage my husband’s professional implosion… I actually can’t breathe when I think like that.

Career Coaching: Transformation

What I need to be doing is zooming out to see the bigger picture. Gaia has commanded that we stay home. This command is purposeful. Normal services have been interrupted for good reason. What I know deep down is that normal service will never, ever be resumed in the same way again.

In ‘crisis’ it seems that we need to be attending to practical things first (Read This) … in my life, these practicalities TOTALLY preclude generating a totally new way of working in the short term. Coaching over digital platforms is essential … what I don’t need to be doing is seeking to design whole online courses right now!

What I need to be doing is trusting. I need to trust that this experience is changing me merely by being in it. That my coaching too will be changed by the experience too. In time, therefore, my coaching will be exactly the kind of provision that is needed when we all emerge from this process. We are all being changed by this process. On the other side, right now, we have no idea what we will need.

We have to go through it, together, in order to experience a changed world. Then, and only then, will we know what steps we need to take to rebuild our careers and our businesses? In the meantime’s we all need to trust … It IS happening, whatever “It’ will be. Breathe, it’s already happening…

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